Chateau Guiraud

The grape varieties

Sémillon is originally a Sauternes grapes variety. In the 18th century, it only existed in this area. It increasingly spread on the Garonne river right bank, through the South West and the Centre, etc. Sémillon mould well and regularly. So, it became the ideal variety for the elaboration of sweet wine.

Very sensitive to mould but harder to grow Sauvignon, at the beginning of the century, was as much planted as Semillon was. Today however, it only represents 25% of the Sauternes appellation. Still, without it, it is impossible to create great Sauternes. Even in small proportion Sauvignon gives elegance and aromas.

At Guiraud we have 35% of Sauvignon. Obtaining with it and the « noble rot » outstanding results.

The grape varieties Grape of Sémillon

The massal-selected vine

In the « Vitis vinifera » vine family, numerous types of varieties exist. This genetic diversity, inside a same "family", is the first step to the creation of new species. This diversity is essential to create the future species.

We think it is necessary to know and preserve all the varieties to use them propely later on. We also believe it is necessary for a first growth to be able to master its genotype and its renewal.

That is why, in 2001, Guiraud built a laboratory where hundreds of stocks (semillon and sauvignon), collected from different winery (part of the conservation des cépages blancs du bordelais association), are used for research on massal selection.

Building this greenhouse we hoping to keep up our tradition, restore the historical memory of our white vine, protect the genectic diversity, have a research board, and create teaching aids.

Guiraud produces 40.000 vines each year and is the only winery in Gironde to use it to replant