Chateau Guiraud

The pressure

The pressure

The harvest arrives into small plastic crates and is carefully dropped into the pneumatic press. The harvest is pressed entirely. We have 4 pneumatic presses witch allow us to still make a difference between the different batches and the the different plots.

First, low pression (0.2 bars) is used to release the first juice, less rich. This manupulation lasts an hour. The must is rich, heavy and really sugary. It has to make his path through the squashed berries.

After an hour, the pressure increases slowly to 2 bars (during 2 hours). The must extracted will be richer than in the first pressing.

During the last hour, to extract the best juice the pessure is at its maximum (2 bars). The final volume of a press is 12 to13 hl.

By the end of the harvest we dispose of 50 to 60 different batches of wine.