The ecology of the growth

The ecology of the growth

Ecology : The study of how organisms interact between each other and their physical environment. The word "ecology" comes from the greek, oikos wich means the household, the habitat, logos means: science , knowledge: so ecology is the study of the household, the habitat.

Another definition of human ecology : is an academic discipline that deals with the relationship between humans and their natural, social and created environments. Human ecology investigates how humans and human societies interact with nature and with their environment.

For 25 years, Château Guiraud devotes itself to create a well-balanced ecosystem where nature and humans can leave together.

Of course, this point of view of protecting as much we can the environment means that our yields will be reduced. Also, this idea is easier to accept in the way that in Sauternes, we are use to live with one of the worst enemy of the vine, which leaves a small and rare production precious as gold is.

The global agronomic reflexion is about :
- Our Semillion and Sauvignon genetic diversity (massal selection and research on stumps in a graft laboratory)
- Planting of row bushes (for a conservation grade agriculture and an integrated struggle with animal Races)
- Practising a management of natural undergrass