Chateau Guiraud

The architecture

The architecture

La « Maison Noble du Bayle », a 15th century estate changed name in the middle of the 19th century to « château Guiraud ».

This name reflects the authenticity and the simplicity of the place.

In the main part of the estate, built in the 20th century you would find the head offices and reception rooms that are kept this natural atmosphere of a home without an ostentatious luxury. Next to this part of building, more ancient buildings are the « hunting relay » and the ageing cellar.

Walls are made alternatively of wood and stones, they are covered by tapestry (Aubusson reproduction). On each room a fireplace and on the first floor girondin tiles which give a cordial atmosphere to the place.

An 18th century protestant chapel is to be mentionned. Today the building is used for the wood workshop and the guardian house.

In another part of the property there is a group of of buildings such as: the harvest reception room, the vinification cellar, the bottling room, the warehouse and a patio where all the material and machine are parked.