Chateau Guiraud

The conservatory and the greenhouse

The conservatory

The grape varieties were, in our region, very varied until the beginning of the 19th century. At that time a 150 varieties of vines existed for the wine production.

Some other grapes were used for table wine. In the 1850's, cryptogamic illness and phylloxera destroy many varieties.

Since 1875, vineyards have been rebuilt looking to produce more but forgetting the region vine traditions. Later on, variety selections and cloning also have impoverished the number of varieties.

We think it is necessary to know and perserve all the varieties to use them propely later on. We also believe it is necessary for a first cru to be able to master its genotype and its renewal.

That is why, in 2001, Guiraud built a laboratory where hundreds of stocks (semillon and sauvignon), collected from different winery (part of the conservation des cépages blancs du bordelais association), are used for research on massal selection.

Building this greenhouse we hoping to keep up our tradition, restore the historical memory of our white vine, protect the genectic diversity, have a research board, and create teaching aids

In the « Vitis vinifera » vine family, it exists numerous types of varieties. This genetic divertisty, inside a same "family", is the first step to the creation of new species. This diversity is indispensable to create the future species. Guiraud produces 40.000 vines each year and is the only winery in Gironde to use it to replant them.


A conservatory at Guiraud

En créant un conservatoire à Guiraud qui compte aujourd´hui une centaine de souche et de facto l´Association de Conservation des Cépages Blancs du Bordelais, nous souhaitons :

maintenir la mémoire historique des cépages blancs de notre vignoble bordelais,

conserver la diversité génétique,

constituer un support d´étude,

en faire un outil pédagogique.